Once an area/neighborhood has been selected for a STEP project and design is underway, two public meetings are held to provide information to residents impacted by the project.

The first, a kickoff meeting, is held during the design phase to explain the overall project. This allows Citizens to present program information, and for property owners/residents to better understand their responsibilities.

If there are any questions or changes during the design phase, property owners/residents will receive coorespondence from Citizens. In addition, during the first meeting, the project manager's contact information is provided for your convenience.

The second meeting is an open house format, and typically held a few weeks prior to construction. The goal is to provide property owners/residents an opportunity to meet the contractor and the inspector for the project. These individuals will be key throughout the construction phase, as they are likely the first point of contact.

If you have any questions regarding your specific project area, please visit the contact form located on your project's page, or contact your project manager using the information contained on the project fact sheet.

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In Restoration

The restoration phase follows substantial completion of a project, essentially the point at which primary construction is done. While infrastructure (pipe) has been installed and tested, during the restoration phase, residents may see paving, seeding and other post-construction activities are still underway. Information on these projects can be found below.

Adobe PDF 57th/Cooper

Adobe PDF 62nd/Michigan

Adobe PDF 62nd/Lafayette

Adobe PDF 64th/Evanston

Adobe PDF 77th/Hoover

Adobe PDF 82nd/Meridian

Adobe PDF 86th/Washington

Adobe PDF Banta/McFarland and Brookdale/Fairhope

Adobe PDF Earlham/Thompson

Adobe PDF Michigan/Pleasant Run

Adobe PDF Morris/Tibbs

Adobe PDF South Keystone

Adobe PDF Southeastern/Raymond