Pleasant Run Tunnel

Pleasant Run Tunnel - Irvington Area Construction

As Citizens Energy Group continues to make great progress substantially reducing combined sewer overflows (CSO) to area waterways, construction continues on the DigIndy Tunnel System's Pleasant Run segment. This work requires construction throughout parts of Irvington, including within Ellenberger Park.

During normal rain events with ¼ inch of rainfall or more, the combined system capacity can become overwhelmed, resulting in a mixture of storm water and wastewater overflowing into area waterways. This is referred to as a CSO, which causes a threat to public health and the environment.  

Once the 7.4-mile Pleasant Run Tunnel is complete in 2025, sewer overflows now going to Pleasant Run Creek will be redirected to the tunnel, thus creating a healthier, more vibrant waterway and community.

Pleasant Run Tunnel Projects

Next Phase of Construction - This spring, Citizens Energy Group will begin the next phase of construction on the DigIndy Tunnel System in Ellenberger Park. This excavation work is related to the Pleasant Run Tunnel located 250 feet underground.

The process of excavating to and through bedrock involves large equipment. Neighbors near the site may hear construction-related noises, including work sounds, vehicles, horns, and sirens. Work activities will take place between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. and noise will be minimized to the extent possible.

During this time, you may experience an increase in truck traffic and onsite equipment, including cranes and excavators. The increased construction activity should not cause major traffic concerns on Ritter Ave. We anticipate that excavation activities will last for approximately eight months. After excavation is complete, we will continue to work within Ellenberger Park until 2025. 

Ellenberger Park Access - Citizens makes every effort to minimize disruptions to neighborhoods as we complete this vital work to eliminate sewage from our rivers and streams. During construction, most of Ellenberger Park will remain open and accessible. However, the southeast quadrant of the park (athletic fields) will be closed until the work is complete in 2025 to accommodate the tunnel construction. Construction access is along N. Ritter Avenue just east of the Park’s main entrance. 
The Pleasant Run Trail will remain open and accessible during this time; however, bike lanes within the closure area will be closed, as will some of the park’s walking paths. Local access will remain open. 

DigIndy's Pleasant Run Tunnel Shaft - In September 2021, site preparation began for the Pleasant Run Tunnel segment of the DigIndy Tunnel System within Ellenberger Park on the southeast quadrant of the park. A roadway detour is not required at this time.

Consolidated Collection Sewers - Prior to the DigIndy Tunnel System completion in 2025, Citizens will also conduct consolidated collection sewer (CCS) construction in and around Ellenberger Park. A contractor has been selected for this work, but specific details are not yet available. Please check back for updates.

Pleasant Run Golf Course - In roughly the southwest quadrant of the Pleasant Run Golf Course, Citizens will be constructing a drop shaft. The site will be elevated above the 100-year flood point. A contractor has not yet been selected for this work; therefore specific details are not yet available. However, we anticipate construction will start in or after late 2022. The rendering of the restored site, found here, is intended for illustration purposes only and does not represent final design plans. Please check back for updates.

Completed Projects – Since beginning work in Irvington September 2021, Citizens already has completed a number of key projects. This includes:

  • Sewer rehabilitation on Ritter Ave.
  • Sewer rehabilitation on E. Pleasant Run Parkway from Arlington Ave. to Michigan St. (with additional traffic controls at peak travel times)

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