Inspired by Indy's Waterways

In Indy, inspiration runs deep. For Citizens Energy Group and the DigIndy Tunnel System, it runs 250 feet deep. The DigIndy Art Project is designed to beautify what’s at your feet and showcase what’s going on below the surface. Join us this summer as we highlight the works of local artists who inspire us to learn more about DigIndy and cleaner waterways. By the end of the summer, you’ll be able to experience artists’ interpretations of DigIndy along the Cultural Trail and be inspired by Indy’s waterways.

The DigIndy Tunnel System

Since 2012, Citizens Energy Group has been at work 250 feet below the city building the DigIndy Tunnel System, a 28-mile long network of 18-foot-dimeter tunnels designed to store combined sewer overflow (CSO) after rain events. Upon completion, the DigIndy Tunnel System will reduce up to 99% of CSOs in area waterways.

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More About The Cultural Trail


Citizens Energy Group is excited to partner with the Indianapolis Cultural Trail to help engage the community about art and the environmental benefits of the DigIndy Tunnel. Beyond its intrinsic value as an active transportation and recreational asset for residents and visitors, the Indianapolis Cultural Trail plays a big part in the greening of downtown Indianapolis. The DigIndy Tunnel will collect excess rainwater and sewage during rain events, but the Trail also does its share of collecting and reusing rainwater. The trail has over 25,000 square feet of new stormwater planters or bioswales, which collect rainwater that would otherwise run off into the City’s sewer system adding to the issue of Combined Sewer Overflows.

Meet the Artists

The Fantastic Aerosol Brothers are an Indianapolis-based duo who found their calling as muralists after years of working in relative obscurity. Though both are trained in fine art and commercial design, graffiti remains the driving force behind their creativity. As their work continues to take on new shapes and sizes, the goal is always to draw on the foundations of graffiti style and use that language to draw others in.

Gary began his career in graphic design with an associate’s degree in visual communications, then received his BFA from Herron School of Art & Design in 2016, which allowed him to move his work into a more self-expressive form. He is a painter and a sculptor creating works on canvas and ceramic sculpture, often using non-traditional substrates and an incongruous mix of different media. His work reflects urban street art, art history and hip hop culture.

Megan is a painter and has been actively creating work ever since receiving her BFA from Miami University in 1998. Megan’s work shifts in theme depending on the series. She loves to create pieces that have a focus on color-based abstraction. This fascination and innate personal connection to color is present in both her past and present work. The broad area of color inspires her as she creates moods visually.

William is a mixed media painter and illustrator who draws inspiration from a variety of sources including Basquiat, Picasso, Miro, graffiti, skateboard graphics and music. In 1992, William received a scholarship from the Columbus College of Art and Design where he focused on advertising design. He later transferred to the Herron School of Art and Design where he concentrated on painting and drawing. He has had solo shows in Indianapolis and Boston, as well as numerous group exhibitions throughout the country. His artwork has been collected throughout the United States, France, Australia and Canada.

Blend Creative Minds is a collaborative group of Indianapolis artists who are dedicated to bringing a fresh look to public spaces. The trio specializes in hand-brush and aerosol techniques, from murals to sign painting.