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Utility Moratorium Ends Saturday


INDIANAPOLIS –Starting Saturday, March 15, the state moratorium on utility disconnection ends. The utility moratorium protects customers who qualify for the Indiana Energy Assistance Program (EAP) from being disconnected during winter months. Customers not receiving state energy assistance are subject to disconnection for non-payment throughout the year.

In February, Citizens sent 4,700 letters to customers notifying them of potential disconnections if payments were not made by Saturday, March 15. That number is up from 3,400 letters sent in 2013. The average past due amount is $200.

“This year’s harsh winter has caused people to use more natural gas, leading to higher heating bills,” said Mike Strohl, Senior Vice President of Customer Relationships. “Citizens never wants to disconnect a customer’s gas service for non-payment. That is why we are urging customers to call us if they’re having trouble paying their bills.”

To date, Citizens has provided $1.2 million to customers in need of financial assistance. Financial assistance and flexible payment arrangements are still available for those who qualify. Please contact Citizens’ customer service at 924-3311. Citizens also suggests customers take the following steps to keep their gas bills low:

  • Dial down your thermostat -Turning down the thermostat 10 degrees for an 8-hour period will lower heating costs about 10 percent.
  • Change your furnace filter - Changing the filter regularly will ensure your furnace is operating efficiently and using less gas.
  • Sign up for the Budget Plan - Budget billing divides a qualified customer’s annual gas bill into 12 equal monthly payments.

For more information about energy saving tips, cash rebates and high efficiency appliances, visit www.CitizensEnergySavers.com.

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