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State Moratorium on Utility Disconnections Ends Tuesday

INDIANAPOLIS – The state moratorium on disconnecting natural gas customers who qualify for the Indiana Energy Assistance Program (EAP) ends tomorrow and disconnections of EAP customers who haven’t made utility payments will begin on Wednesday. Customers not receiving state energy assistance are subject to disconnection for non-payment all year long.
Financial assistance is still available for those who qualify and customers needing assistance should call Connect2Help at 211. For customers who have already received assistance and are behind on bills, Citizens Energy Group offers flexible payment arrangements. Please contact Citizens at 924-3311 to make arrangements before your service is disconnected.
Citizens suggests customers take these steps to keep their gas bills low:
  • Replace your furnace filter - Changing your furnace filter frequently keeps your furnace operating more efficiently.
  • Dial down your thermostat - A 10-degree reduction for an eight-hour period each day will reduce your heating bill by up to 10 percent.
  • Dial down your water heater – A 10-degree reduction in water temperature can save up to five percent on energy costs.
For more energy-saving tips, please visit CitizensEnergySavers.com.

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