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Rainfall Leads to Raw Sewage Overflows


INDIANAPOLIS – With two inches of rain expected in Central Indiana over the next 24 hours, Citizens Energy Group is warning the public about raw sewage overflows. When it rains as little as a quarter of an inch, Indianapolis’ antiquated sewer system overflows into rivers and streams. Two inches of rainfall will cause up to 400 million gallons of raw sewage to overflow. Raw sewage contains E-coli and ingesting raw sewage can cause serious illness.

Citizens is working to combat the issue of raw sewage overflows with projects like DigIndy. When finished, DigIndy, will be a 28-mile underground tunnel system that will capture and store 250-million gallons of raw sewage during rain events. DigIndy will virtually eliminate combined sewer overflows by the year 2025. The Deep Rock Tunnel Connector, the first phase of DigIndy, is being constructed now on the south side of Indianapolis near Harding Street and will be finished in 2017.

“Through innovative projects like DigIndy, Citizens is improving the quality of our waterways for future generations,” said Jeffrey Harrison, President and CEO of Citizens. “When DigIndy and other infrastructure projects are finished, we will capture 95-97% of all overflows going to our waterways. Cleaner waterways could lead to development along the river, attract more businesses to the city and ultimately make Indianapolis a better place to live, work and play.”

To learn more about DigIndy and other infrastructure investments to improve water quality, visit DigIndyTunnel.com

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