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Prevent Sewer Backups this Thanksgiving

INDIANAPOLIS – With Thanksgiving just days away, you are probably busy planning the menu for your Turkey Day feast. But, have you taken time to plan how you will properly dispose of the fats, oils and grease your tasty foods will leave behind?  Fats, oils and grease (FOG) can be found in many Thanksgiving favorites like fried food and baked goods.

"Washing FOG down the sink or drain is, unfortunately, a common practice,” said Jamie Dillard, Director of Wastewater Operations at Citizens Energy Group.  “The first time a home or business owner does this they may not notice the consequences. Over time, however, FOG build ups and can create blockages which ultimately lead to sewer backups. Sewer backups are not only a health hazard, but they can cause significant property damage.”

Each year, up to 80 sewer blockages are caused by FOG. While the majority of the incidents happen during the summer months, the problem usually starts during the holiday season when FOG is washed down sinks. FOG starts as a liquid and then solidifies and attaches to the sewer system’s pipes and joints.
Reducing FOG is easy to do:
  • Pour FOG into a small container. Once the liquid solidifies, place it in the garbage. Grease that doesn’t solidify should be disposed of at an Indianapolis ToxDrop site. For a Tox Dop location, click here.
  • Use a paper towel or napkin to wipe grease off pots, pans and dishes before washing them.
  • For restaurants or other food preparation establishments, FOG can be a valuable resource as a recyclable. FOG can be sold to rendering companies for use in soaps, fertilizers and animal feed.
Citizens’ crews respond to sewer blockages in order to restore and maintain sewer service. Responding includes removal of FOG blockages and investigating where the FOG originated. Homeowners should be aware these investigations can result in fines, penalties and the cost associated with FOG removal and sewer cleaning. For more information about FOG, visit CitizensEnergyGroup.com.

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