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Simple Tips to Protect You and Your Home

INDIANAPOLIS- As temperatures drop below zero tonight, Citizens Energy Group offers these simple tips to protect you and your home. By putting these into practice, you can help avoid a house fire or bursting pipes.
Safely Heat Your Home
  • If using a space heater, create a three-foot safety zone. Keep space heaters away from anything flammable like furniture and draperies.
  • Only use approved fuel-burning space heaters indoors. When used improperly, fuel-burning space heaters can create deadly carbon monoxide (CO), a toxic, odorless gas. If you suspect CO, go outside immediately and call 911.
  • Do not heat your home with a gas oven. Long-term, continuous use of a natural gas oven can create a buildup of carbon monoxide that can be harmful or even fatal.
  • Have working smoke detectors on every level of your home. Check smoke detectors monthly and change their batteries every six months.
Avoid Frozen Pipes
  • Leave a thin stream of water running when the temperature is below freezing.
  • Insulate pipes that are exposed to cold air.
  • Open cabinet doors below sinks to let warm air circulate around pipes.
  • Locate your water shut-off valve so you know how to turn water off quickly in case a pipe bursts.

About Citizens Energy Group

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