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Natural Gas Odor Alert

Updated 10:17 AM

Citizens Energy Group crews continue to work around the clock and are making great progress responding to the very high volume of customer calls about natural gas odors. As of this morning, every remaining call has been assigned to one of our service technicians or one of the service technicians from Miller Pipeline. Miller Pipeline began partnering with Citizens Wednesday in order to provide extra manpower and quicker response times.  It is our goal to have all customer calls addressed by the end of today. We, once again, apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate customers’ patience. 

Updated 2:56 PM 8/26/2015

To expedite the process of responding to natural gas odor reports, Citizens is now partnering with Miller Pipeline. While these highly trained individuals will not be in Citizens uniforms, they will be passing out Citizens business cards to make customers aware of our collaboration. Miller Pipeline will be working with Citizens until all customer inquiries have been resolved.
We do understand some customers have been waiting on Citizens’ leak detection crews for several hours and we sincerely apologize for this delay. If a customer has reported a natural gas odor and a Citizens crew has not been to the customer’s location, please know crews are still responding and will be to the location as quickly as possible. The goal of our partnership with Miller Pipeline is to increase response times and service customers faster. If a customer smells natural gas, please call Citizens at 924-3311. 

Updated 12:08 PM 8/26/2015

Since this morning we have received numerous calls of reported natural gas odors at residential and commercial properties and are responding to every call.
The pump that malfunctioned and caused the extra odorant to be released has been repaired. Much of the odorant is still in the natural gas distribution system which is why customers may still detect an odor.  The time it will take for the odor to completely dissipate is still unknown. The integrity of our natural gas system has not been compromised and there is no risk to customers.
Customers who smell natural gas are still urged to call Citizens at 924-3311. Thank you for your patience as we continue to address this issue.

Updated 9:56 PM 8/25/2015

Citizens Energy Group continues to mitigate the gas odor issue on the city’s north side. The issue started when a pump at a Citizens’ Liquefied Natural Gas facility malfunctioned allowing an excessive amount of odorant into the natural gas distribution system. Odorant, that is often described as having a “rotten egg” smell, is added to natural gas so that it is easily detectable. The odorant is harmless.

Currently, Citizens is responding to reports of natural gas leaks due to the smell permeating throughout the system. The integrity of Citizens’ natural gas system has not been compromised. If customers smell natural gas, they are asked to report it by calling Citizens at 924-3311. While all available personnel are investigating leak complaints, response times may be delayed due to the large volume of calls we are receiving. 

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