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IURC Approves Water Rate Increase

INDIANAPOLIS – Citizens Energy Group is pleased the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) has approved an increase in rates necessary to fund critical infrastructure upgrades to its water system. The exact impact of the rate order will vary based on water consumption and other factors, but it is expected the average residential customer will see approximately a $5 per month increase starting in May. The current average residential water bill is about $30 per month.
 “We are pleased the IURC recognized the need to continue upgrading our aging water distribution system while also making investments to ensure adequate water supply for a growing population and economy,” said Jeffrey Harrison, President & Chief Executive Officer of Citizens Energy Group.
Citizens requested the rate increase in June 2015 and this past December reached a settlement agreement on the rate case with the Office of Utility Consumer Counselor (OUCC) and other interveners. Citizens will fund about $100 million of system improvements over the next two years with the rate increase including installation of new water mains; reservoir dredging; development of a quarry in Hamilton County into a new reservoir; a new water intake to ensure water delivery during drought conditions; and upgrades to its treatment plants to ensure water safety and quality.
Since 2011, Citizens has invested more than $230 million in the water utility. These investments include new water mains, a new water treatment plant, expanded well fields, and new fire hydrants to ensure public safety.
As Citizens has made these investments, it has also made enhancements to customer service including shorter wait times at its call center; a revamped website; online chat with customer service representatives; online enrollment for budget billing, payment arrangements and move-in/move-out orders; and digital alerts for billing matters and service calls.

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