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EPA Designation Will Ensure Continued Water Safety

INDIANAPOLIS – Citizens Energy Group and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) announced today that regular testing confirms drinking water produced at all of the utility’s treatment plants is safe and in compliance with the rigorous standards of the Safe Drinking Water Act.
The utility made the announcement after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that it has identified an area near downtown Indianapolis that it proposes adding to the National Priorities List (NPL) of Superfund sites due to groundwater impacts from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) associated with chlorinated solvents (EPA release). The exact boundaries of the area have not been defined by EPA, but it is expected to include the Citizens Riverside Wellfield located on Riverside Drive and White River Wellfield located on 16th and Aqueduct Streets.
“At Citizens Energy Group, the safety of the drinking water we provide is always our highest priority. We are confident the water produced at all of our treatment plants, including the White River Treatment Plant, is safe and meets all applicable Safe Drinking Water Act standards,” said Jeffrey Harrison, President & CEO of Citizens Energy Group.

Martha Clark Mettler, Assistant Commissioner of the Office of Water Quality at IDEM, agrees local residents can have confidence in the safety of local drinking water. “Water produced by Citizens Energy Group meets all state and federal safety standards and the environmental work provided through the Superfund Program will help ensure continued water safety and quality.”

Citizens has 19 groundwater production wells in the Riverside and White River Wellfields that are used to supplement surface water supplied to the White River Treatment Plant. On an annual basis, about 85 percent of water supplied to the White River Treatment Plant is surface water and the remaining 15 percent is groundwater.

“Finished drinking water produced throughout Citizens’ system is regularly sampled and tested per rigorous U.S. EPA and Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) requirements to ensure water safety and quality,” explained Jeff Willman, Vice President, Water Operations for the utility. “Citizens also regularly tests groundwater wells to monitor potential threats to its drinking water supply. This testing allows Citizens to ensure that groundwater quality does not adversely affect the safety of Citizens finished drinking water.” 
Citizens also has an active Wellhead Protection Plan that works to identify and monitor potential sources of groundwater contamination that could impact its groundwater supplies.

“Citizens will continue its rigorous testing program as we work closely with officials at U.S. EPA, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and other parties as EPA works to address potential groundwater contamination in the area near downtown,” Willman said.

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