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Cold Snap Serves as Reminder to Winterize Home

INDIANAPOLIS- Mother Nature surprised us with freezing temperatures earlier than normal this year. Whether or not this means we’re going to be facing another polar vortex, Citizens Energy Group offers simple, low-cost tips to prepare your home for winter.

Heat Responsibly:
•    Hire a licensed contractor to inspect your chimney and furnace annually.
•    Install a smoke detector on every level of your house. Check smoke detectors monthly and change their batteries every six months.
•    If using a space heater, create a three foot safety zone. Keep space heater away from anything flammable like furniture and draperies.
•    Don’t heat your home with a gas oven. Long-term, continuous use of a natural gas oven can create a buildup of carbon monoxide that can be harmful or even fatal.

Protect Pipes: 
•    Insulate pipes that are exposed to cold air.
•    Open cabinet doors below sinks to let warm air circulate around pipes.
•    Leave a thin stream of water running when the temperature is below freezing.
•    Make sure the lid on your water meter pit is tightly secured.
•    Locate your water shut-off valve so you know how to turn water off quickly in case a pipe bursts.

“This recent cold snap may have taken us by surprise, but there’s no reason we can’t prepare our homes for the next potential winter blast,” said Mike Strohl, Senior Vice President, Chief Customer Officer. “By putting these easy, inexpensive tips into practice, customers could save up to 10% on their utility bill this winter season.” 

Citizens also recommends customers enroll in the budget plan to help manage their utility costs. The budget plan spreads utility costs into equal monthly payments across the year.  To be eligible for the budget plan, customers must be current on their bill and have a good payment history. To inquire about eligibility, or request a budget quote, customers can visit CitizensEnergyGroup.com or call 317-924-3311. 

Financial assistance is also available for those who qualify. Marion County residents should call Connect2Help at 211 or visit IndyEap.org. Customers outside Marion County should call their local community action agency. 

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