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Citizens Water Reports 20 Million Gallon Decline in Water Usage


INDIANAPOLIS – Citizens Water reported today that water usage across its service area declined more than 20 million gallons on Friday compared to the previous day’s usage. Mandatory water restrictions, including a ban on lawn watering, went into effect at noon on Friday after Indianapolis Greg Ballard declared a water shortage warning.

“We are very encouraged by yesterday’s decline in water usage. We appreciate the community’s cooperation with the water restrictions that were implemented yesterday due to the severe drought we are experiencing,” said Carey Lykins, President & CEO of Citizens Energy Group.

While usage levels declined significantly, water levels at area reservoirs continue to fall due to lack of rain and releases to maintain stream flow and water supply for customers.

Operational Data for (7/13)

Water Usage

  • 182.49 MGD

Reservoir Levels                                                                                                                                           

  • Morse Level: 804.50 (down 5.50 feet from full)
  • Geist Level: 783.11 (down 1.89 feet from full)
  • Eagle Creek Level: 787.88 (down 2.18 from full)

 Daily Releases

  • Morse: 65 MGD
  • Geist: 43 MGD
  • Eagle Creek: 6.2 MGD

About Citizens Energy Group

Citizens Energy Group provides safe and reliable utility services to about 800,000 people in the Indianapolis area. Citizens operates its utilities only for the benefit of customers and the community. Additional information is available online at Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn - YouTube

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