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Citizens Temporarily Changing Disinfectant in Water

INDIANAPOLIS- Starting Friday, January 29, some Citizens Energy Group customers may notice a slight change to the taste or smell of their tap water due to a change in disinfectant from chloramine to free chlorine. The change is conducted annually as preventative maintenance to assure the quality of our drinking water. This process has been practiced for more than 20 years and is commonly used throughout the drinking water industry.  This year’s maintenance work is expected to conclude in late February.
Some customers may notice a temporary chlorine or “swimming pool” smell in their water. During this time, tap water is still safe to drink and meets all regulatory requirements. Customers conducting dialysis treatment or other customers using reverse osmosis systems should verify their filters are working appropriately for the type of disinfectant used.  Customers with aquariums or sensitive plant species may need to take steps to remove the disinfectant prior to use.

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