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Citizens Partners With IFD During Severe Weather

Indianapolis- The coldest weather we have seen in months is here and Citizens Energy Group and the Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD) are working together to protect the community. Each year when temperatures drop below freezing, a Citizens technician responds to working fires and ensures fire hydrants are operating properly. If a fire hydrant is frozen or malfunctioning, a Citizens technician is able to make necessary repairs quickly. 

“When fighting a fire, it is crucial for a first arriving crew to quickly establish a viable water supply,” said IFD Chief Ernest Malone. “Having Citizens on scene to assist in the event a fire hydrant malfunctions, allows our crew to focus on the task at hand.”

Citizens takes a proactive approach to hydrant testing all year long, not just during the winter. As part of Citizens Hydrant Testing Program, technicians test all 37,000 fire hydrants in the water distribution system throughout the year. Non-working hydrants are repaired or replaced.  

Doing Your Part at Home

Snow-covered hydrants are hard to find and may freeze more easily. While clearing your driveway or sidewalk, also clear snow that has collected on a hydrant or at its base. If you notice a hydrant is cracked or off its base, call Citizens at 924-3311. 

When the temperature drops below freezing, Citizens also encourages customers to keep their pipes from freezing by taking these small steps:

•    Insulate pipes that are exposed to cold air. 
•    Open cabinet doors below sinks to let warm air circulate around pipes. 
•    Leave a thin stream of water running when the temperature is below freezing. 
•    Make sure the lid on your water meter pit is tightly secured.
•    Locate your water shut-off valve, so you know how to turn water off quickly in case a pipe bursts. 

About Citizens Energy Group

Citizens Energy Group provides safe and reliable utility services to about 800,000 people in the Indianapolis area. Citizens operates its utilities only for the benefit of customers and the community. Additional information is available online at Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn - YouTube

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