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Citizens Limits Non-Fire Protection Access to Hydrants

INDIANAPOLIS – In an effort to promote public safety, Citizens Energy Group is limiting use of fire hydrants for non-fire protection purposes to designated locations throughout its service area.
“After consulting with area fire departments, we have determined that limiting the non-fire protection use of fire hydrants to designated locations will promote the reliability of fire hydrants throughout the metropolitan area,” said Lindsay Lindgren, Vice President, Water Operations for Citizens Energy Group.
Under Indianapolis-Marion County Municipal Code it is unlawful to use a fire hydrant without written permission from the water utility or the fire department.
Citizens recently finished inspecting all of the more than 37,000 fire hydrants across its service territory to enhance their operational reliability for fire suppression.
Limiting hydrant usage to designated locations will help Citizens enhance system integrity and reliability, while refocusing maintenance efforts.
“The Indianapolis Fire Department fully supports Citizens’ plan to limit non-fire protection use of fire hydrants to designated locations. We believe this is an important step toward enhancing the operational reliability of fire hydrants throughout the area for firefighting,” said Brian Sanford, Indianapolis Fire Chief.
Hydrants designated for use by businesses with hydrant meter contracts can be identified with a bright blue hydrant cap as seen here. Other hydrants throughout the area should only be operated by utility or public safety personnel.
“We realize limiting hydrant use to designated locations will be less convenient for businesses, but these changes will promote public safety. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation with our efforts to enhance our hydrants’ operational reliability for fire suppression,” Lindgren said. 

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