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Citizens Asks for Increased Conservation Efforts During Severe Drought

INDIANAPOLIS- Central Indiana is experiencing a severe drought and Citizens Water is asking customers to reduce lawn watering and other usage in order to avoid mandatory restrictions that may be necessary soon.
“On Wednesday and Thursday this week, Citizens Water broke its all-time one-day water usage levels. If the area receives little or no rainfall for the next two weeks as forecasts indicate, Citizens Water may call for mandatory water usage restrictions.  Currently, lawn watering accounts for 40 percent of our water load now, so reducing irrigation can have a big impact,” said Carey Lykins, President & CEO of Citizens Energy Group.
Citizens is asking customers to water their lawn no more than once per week. Experts at Purdue University say one inch of water once per week is all a lawn needs to remain healthy. Watering lawns daily can result in shallow roots, weed growth and fungus. New lawns, flowers and other plants, however, require more frequent watering. In addition, trees less than three years old require 15 gallons of water per week.
Morse Reservoir, Geist Reservoir and Eagle Creek Reservoir are primary water sources for Citizens, in addition to the Central Canal and nine well fields. Due to an increased demand, water levels at the reservoirs are dropping daily. While Citizens Water expects the reservoirs will have enough water to meet customer demand, lower levels could soon lead to recreational restrictions. Heavy water usage also is stressing the water distribution system, which can lead to costly main breaks.
“Water conservation is a responsible practice no matter the time of year, but especially during a severe drought. Citizens appreciates everyone’s cooperation as we work to ensure the reliable delivery of our most valuable natural resource,” said Lykins.

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