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Citizens Adds New Tunnel to DigIndy Tunnel System

INDIANAPOLIS- Construction on the DigIndy Tunnel System is well underway and now Citizens Energy Group will convert a proposed sewer interceptor to a new tunnel, making DigIndy a six-tunnel system. DigIndy is an underground tunnel system designed to store raw sewage and prevent overflows into area rivers and streams. Currently, when it rains as little as a quarter of an inch, Indianapolis’ combined sewer system becomes overwhelmed and sewage overflows. 
“The DigIndy Tunnel System will perhaps be the most impactful public works project the residents of Indianapolis will ever see,” said Carey Lykins, President and CEO of Citizens. “Keeping billions of gallons of raw sewage out of our waterways and storing it underground is remarkable. Converting one of our proposed sanitary sewer interceptors to a tunnel will create even more environmental benefits for Indianapolis residents, but at no additional cost.”  
The sixth tunnel, called the Eagle Creek Tunnel, will be almost two-miles long and will store approximately 17-million gallons of sewage. With the addition of the Eagle Creek Tunnel, DigIndy will be nearly 27-miles long. The Eagle Creek Tunnel will be located just off the path of the Deep Rock Tunnel Connector which is currently under construction on the city’s southwest side (see attached map).
The Eagle Creek Tunnel was originally planned as a large diameter interceptor that would convey sewage, but would not store it. In order to achieve savings, the original concept was modified to include the Eagle Creek Tunnel as part of the larger DigIndy Tunnel System.
“Being able to construct the Eagle Creek Tunnel at the same time as the Deep Rock Tunnel Connector, allows Citizens’ contractor, Shea-Kiewit, to keep the tunnel boring machine in the ground,” said Mark Jacob, Vice President of Capital Programs and Engineering at Citizens. “With this construction method, Citizens is able to add more storage to our tunnel system, reduce the amount of raw sewage overflows and keep the cost of DigIndy the same.” 
Construction of the Eagle Creek Tunnel will be finished before December 2017. The next tunnels to be constructed in the DigIndy system are the White River Tunnel, the Lower Pogues Run Tunnel, the Fall Creek Tunnel and finally the Pleasant Run Tunnel. DigIndy is under budget and on schedule to be completed by 2025. For more information about the DigIndy Tunnel System, visit DigIndyTunnel.com.

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