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What These Rate Increases Will Fund

Water System Improvements

Citizens Energy Group is proposing about $100 million of improvements to the water system over the next two years, including:

Development of Citizens Reservoir

Citizens plans to fill an 88-acre, 230-foot deep quarry in Hamilton County with about 3 billion gallons of water, which is about 50 percent of the capacity of the 1,800-acre Geist Reservoir. The new reservoir will ensure adequate water supply for population growth and economic development over the next 20 years at a fraction of the cost of building a conventional reservoir. Learn More

Reservoir dredging

Dredging of Morse and Geist Reservoir will be conducted to begin restoring the storage capacity of each reservoir, which are both more than 50 years old.

New water mains

54 water main segments throughout the metropolitan area will be replaced to reduce water loss and ensure system reliability.

New water intake

A new intake will allow the movement of 20 million gallons of water per day from Fall Creek to the Central Canal in order to ensure water delivery during drought conditions.

Treatment plant upgrades

New equipment will be installed to ensure water quality and safety at Citizens’ 9 water treatment plants.

Well rehabilitation

Citizens will rehabilitate existing groundwater wells to ensure they can provide water when necessary.

Wastewater System Investments

Citizens is proposing about $435 million of improvements to the wastewater system over the next two years, including nearly $295 million on projects mandated by the federal consent decree to eliminate sewer overflows to area rivers and streams. 

Dig Indy Project

Work has begun on a 28-mile network of 18-foot diameter tunnels located 250 feet beneath the ground and stretching across Marion County. The first 9 miles of the tunnel system will be complete in 2017. When the full network is finished in the year 2025, it will prevent 95-97% of the current sewer overflows. Learn more

Septic Tank Elimination Program

The sewer system will be extended to another 1,600 homes throughout the county that now depend on failing septic systems. Learn more

Treatment Plants

Work will continue on the expansion of the Belmont and Southport sewage treatment plants.

Sewer improvements

Planned work includes new sewer interceptors, relocation, replacement and reinforcement of older pipes with high failure rates. Learn more

About Citizens

Utilities Held in a Trust - Citizens Energy Group is a Public Charitable Trust, meaning utility assets are held in a Trust and operated only for the benefit of customers and the community. The Trust status means we operate our utilities without a profit and without shareholders. 

Water & Wastewater Acquisition - Citizens acquired the community’s water and wastewater utilities in 2011 from the City of Indianapolis. Much of the systems are more than 100 years old and are badly in need of repair.

No Tax Dollars - Citizens does not use tax dollars to operate or maintain any of its utilities. Federal grants are also not available for system improvements.