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UV Disinfection System Grant Proposal

Citizens Energy Group partnered with Purdue University by sponsoring a Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) grant proposal for UV Disinfection Systems. The objective was to develop protocols for UV disinfection dose validation that help improve predictive UV reactor design and optimize UV dosage in wastewater disinfection operation.

Belmont Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant (AWTP) effluent was tested for the number of E.coli and flow velocity measurements in individual UV channels in order to determine the impact of a range of UV dosages and the flow characteristics of a conventional open-channel UV reactor. This will result in a more defined dose of UV radiation required to meet the NPDES discharge permit limitations.

Conclusion of the study has found that E. coli effluent limits can be achieved with UV doses much lower than theoretical UV dose guidelines, resulting in cost savings.