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Liquid Polymer Conversion Evaluation at TW Moses Water Treatment Plant

Four Purdue University Environmental and Ecological Engineering (EEE) students are evaluating alternatives to improve the ActiCarb system at the TW Moses Water Treatment Facility.

In order to perform high rate settling of the solids, polymer is added to the raw water. The ActiCarb polymer system is a dry chemical, batch system and has demonstrated inconsistent performance over the past year.

The students are exploring conversion of the existing dry feed system to a liquid-based polymer system. They have performed bench testing for various polymers and are currently developing criteria and conceptual designs for a liquid polymer system.

The project's scope has been expanded to evaluate hydraulic improvements to the system as well. Currently, ActiCarb effluent is conveyed directly to the sand filters. Poor settling of ActiCarb solids negatively affects sand filter performance.

The proposed hydraulic improvements would allow for operations to convey ActiCarb effluent to the low basin allowing any excessive solids to settle prior to entering the sand filters. The students are currently performing hydraulic calculations to determine if sufficient hydraulic head exists to flow via gravity or whether a low lift pump station is required.