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Purdue University

Citizens Energy Group is proud to partner with Purdue on the PERL Initiative. Learn more about our collaborative efforts and projects by clicking on the links to the right.

Here's what a couple of Purdue engineering students had to say after the ASCE Geo-Institute Tunnel Tour:

"The white river tunnel tour was such a great experience and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to be a part of it. Being lowered into the tunnel and seeing all of the large scale equipment up close was not something I could have grasped via pictures in a textbook. The size of the tunnel, both length and diameter, were truly impressive. Additionally, our hosts were so hospitable and knowledgeable which really added to the experience."

Amy Getchell

"The tour to White River Tunnel was an amazing and unique experience. A Construction site with that level of complexity is not easy to see every day. However, in my point of view the initial explanation about all characteristics of the tunnel and its function, also the technologies used to build the structure were fundamental for a better comprehension about what we saw in the field. Another positive aspect of the tour was the time that we spend together with the team that is working on the construction, the possibility to ask several questions to the team in an informal environmental made me feel comfortable to clarify all my doubts. Thank you very much for the opportunity."

Juliana Pereira