Environmental Policy

Citizens Energy Group is committed to responsible environmental stewardship as we pursue our vision to serve our customers and communities with unparalleled excellence and integrity. In this regard, Citizens Energy Group is committed to:


  • We will strive to be a leader in preserving, restoring and protecting our environment as we deliver safe, affordable utility services to our communities.


  • We will devote the people and resources necessary to comply with all applicable legal and other environmental requirements, while pursuing opportunities to enhance environmental protection, natural resources conservation, and prevention of pollution.

Continual Improvement

  • We will continually seek opportunities to improve our environmental performance through innovative policies and practices fostered through our strategic planning and ongoing Baldrige quality processes, and implementation of ISO-driven management systems.


  • We will provide training for our employees to effectively meet our environmental responsibilities.


  • We will document and regularly audit our environmental performance and utilize the results to develop steps to improve our environment.


  • We will maintain a constructive and open dialogue with community stakeholders on environmental matters.


  • We will partner with community based organizations to support initiatives that benefit the environment.