Water Wizard


The Water Wizard tool was designed to assist you in diagnosing some of the most commonly perceived water quality concerns by answering a few basic questions. Please answer the questions below to the best of your knowledge. 

Please note: If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, contact a medical professional immediately.

Please choose the category that best describes the issue:

Choose the option that best describes the issue:

If the water itself appears discolored, please select Discoloration. If the water is staining or residue is building up on hard surfaces such as faucets, sinks or tubs, please select Staining or Scaling.

Staining or Scaling (Build-up)

Please select the color below that best describes the issue:

Yellow, Orange or Rusty Red Stains

Most Common Cause: The most common cause of yellow/orange/rusty red stains is dissolved iron. Typically found in homes built before the 1960s, galvanized (iron) piping can rust on the inside which causes yellow/orange/rusty red stains in areas where water drips or collects and evaporates. In some sections of the city, older cast-iron water mains are still part of the distribution system carrying water to the home. Low concentrations of iron can exist in the water, but build-up can occur overtime in the form of rust on faucets, toilet bowls and around drains. 

Recommended Action: Using commonly found calcium/lime/rust cleaning products will typically remove stains from faucets, aerators and other hard surfaces. No health/safety concerns and water use can continue as normal.

Example of staining caused by rust.

After taking the above listed actions, if the concern was not resolved, please open a case to be contacted by a Customer Case Manager.