Open a Water Quality Case



Things to Keep in Mind...

Upon submittal of the Customer Contact Form, please allow 24-48 business hours for a response.

Review the following questions and think about how best to answer each question as it relates to the issue being experienced. The more detail provided, the quicker we can diagnose the issue.

  • Are you experiencing the issue with all taps or just a single tap?
  • Is the issue with hot water only, cold water only, or both?
  • Does the issue occur with the initial use of the tap (first 1 - 2 minutes); or is it continuous?
  • When did you notice the issue starting?
  • Are your neighbors also experiencing the same issue?
  • Did you notice Citizens crews doing work the immediate area?
  • Have there been any fires or use of water hydrants recently?
  • What material is the plumbing? (i.e. plastic, copper, or galvanized pipe)
  • What water treatment system(s) exist in the home? (i.e. water softener, whole-house/point of use particle filter, whole-house/point of use carbon filter)
  • If the home has a water treatment system(s) are they still in use or have any/all been bypassed?