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Connecting a Water Service Line

Need new water lines installed at your residence or business? Need an additional water meter?

If you are doing work inside your home, hire a plumber. Otherwise, follow the steps below for plumbing work outside such as:

  • New connection
  • Irrigation system
  • Service upgrade or replacement
  • Fire line

We strive to ensure our customers are able to request service lines at their convenience 24/7.

Our online submitting feature offers you the opportunity to:

  • Submit a request 24/7
  • Upload Site/Utility plans and other necessary documents
  • Reply with questions or concerns and receive timely, trackable responses
  • Request meters with the click of a link at any time

1. Check Availability

If you are unsure if water is available in your area, please select the link below and complete a Utility Availability Request. Citizens Energy Group will respond within 3-5 business days. Submit a Utility Availability Request online any time!

Utility Availability Request

2. Select a Contractor

If water is available across the front of your property, you will need to hire a contractor that is bonded with Citizens Energy Group to complete the water service line installation. The contractor would then apply online for a plumber's permit to complete the work.

Very important Reminder: Citizens Energy Group does not make recommendations for specific contractors. We do require that your selected contractor is licensed and has a $25,000.00 bond on file with us. They should be qualified to service, install, or replace exterior and interior water lines as well as the meter pit. Citizens suggests that you also discuss the details of your water needs and get an estimate of the cost to complete the work with your contractor. If you would like to confirm that your contractor is bonded with Citizens, please call (317) 927-4444.

3. Contractor Submits a Water Service Application

Once Citizens receives a completed water application from your approved bonded contractor, it normally takes 2-3 business days for your contractor to receive the approved water permit in order to proceed with the work. Commercial requests vary depending on the complexity of the project.

Water Service Application

4. Approval and Construction

Your contractor will dig the trench and lay the water pipe. Once this is completed, your contractor will contact Citizens Energy Group to schedule an inspection or connection to the water main. 

For residential requests, Citizens can usually schedule the inspection or connection within 2-3 business days of receiving the request from your contractor, provided the permit has been approved. Commercial requests vary depending on the complexity of the project.

5. Inspection and Connection

During inspection, your contractor and Citizens will meet to make sure the work meets Citizens’ criteria. If so, Citizens will approve or make the connection to the water main.

Upon tapping into the water system, Citizens will assess a System Development Charge and a New Meter Install Charge based on the size of the proposed connection and water meter. These charges will appear on your first water bill from Citizens.

Note: There may be additional fees depending on the main. See Terms & Conditions for more information.

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