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Connecting a Sewer Service Line

Need a new sanitary sewer line (lateral) installed at your residence or business?

If you are doing work inside your home or business, hire a plumber. Otherwise, follow the steps below for sewer lateral construction work outside such as:

  • New sewer connection
  • Sewer lateral upgrade, repair or replacement
  • Disconnect and abandonment
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We strive to ensure our customers are able to request service lines at their convenience 24/7.

Our online submitting feature offers you the opportunity to:

  • Submit a request 24/7
  • Upload Site/Utility plans and other necessary documents
  • Reply with questions or concerns and receive timely, trackable responses
  • Request meters with the click of a link at any time

1. Check Availability

If you are unsure if sanitary sewer is available in your area, please select the link below and complete a Utility Availability Request. Citizens Energy Group will respond within 3-5 business days. Submit a Utility Availability Request online any time!

Utility Availability Request

2. Select a Contractor

If sanitary sewer is available to your property, you will need to hire a general contractor or plumber to perform sanitary sewer lateral construction activity exterior of the building. 

To obtain the necessary permit(s) and complete the sanitary sewer lateral construction, your contractor must meet the following requirements:

  • For Indianapolis - Contractor must be listed, insured and bonded with the City of Indianapolis.
  • For Westfield - Contractor must be licensed by the State of Indiana or bonded to the utility’s satisfaction.

Very important Reminder: Citizens Energy Group does not make recommendations for specific contractors. Contractors should be qualified to service, install, or replace exterior sanitary sewer laterals. Citizens Energy Group suggests that you discuss your specific needs and details of sanitary sewer lateral connection with your contractor to get an estimate of the cost to complete installation work.

3. Contractor Submits a Sewer Permit Application 

The contractor will then apply online and obtain a permit for a sanitary sewer connection prior to completing the work. 

Sewer Lateral Permit Application

Once Citizens Energy Group receives a completed sanitary sewer connection permit application from a contractor for single-family residential use, it typically takes 2-3 business days for review and approval.

The review timeframes for commercial, industrial and multi-family applications will vary depending on the complexity of the project. Initial review may take 1-2 weeks.

4. Citizens Issues a Permit

Prior to issuance of the sanitary sewer connection permit, Citizens Energy Group will assess fees:

  • For Indianapolis -  $2,530 connection fee and $236 permit fee
  • For Westfield -  $2,000 connection fee

The sanitary sewer connection fee for commercial, industrial or multi-family uses will be based on several different factors. Please refer to the Adobe PDF Connection Fee Calculation Worksheet to determine your actual sewer connection fee. These fees will be charged during the permit review and issuance process. 

Upon approval of the application, Citizens Energy Group will provide the permit applicant with an email notification of approval.  This approval notification will also include links to directions and links for electronic payment of any required fees.

The contractor or property owner may then pay any required permit or connection fees.  Once the fees have been paid, the permit will be issued and emailed to the applicant and the work may begin.  

5. Construction

Once the contractor has obtained the permit, the sewer lateral construction may begin. The contractor will dig the trench, install the proposed sanitary sewer lateral pipe, make any necessary connections and leave the trench open.

If the contractor is having difficulty locating the lateral stub on the sewer main, they can submit a Lateral Locate Request.

6. Inspection

Once construction has been completed, the contractor will contact Citizens Energy Group to request an inspection. 

Inspection Request

Inspections will typically be completed that same day or the following business day. The Citizens Energy Group inspector will determine compliance with Citizens Energy Group sanitary sewer standards. If the work passes inspection, Citizens will allow the contractor to backfill and close the trench and proceed with any necessary restoration work.

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