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Connecting a Sewer Service Line

Need a new sanitary sewer line (lateral) installed at your residence or business?

If you are doing work inside your home or business, hire a plumber. Otherwise, follow the steps below for sewer lateral construction work outside such as:

  • New sewer connection
  • Sewer lateral upgrade, repair or replacement
  • Disconnect and abandonment
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We strive to ensure our customers are able to request service lines at their convenience 24/7.

Our online submitting feature offers you the opportunity to:

  • Submit a request 24/7
  • Upload Site/Utility plans and other necessary documents
  • Reply with questions or concerns and receive timely, trackable responses
  • Request meters with the click of a link at any time

1. Check Availability

If you are unsure if sanitary sewer is available in your area, please select the link below and complete a Utility Availability Request. Citizens Energy Group will respond within 3-5 business days. Submit a Utility Availability Request online any time!

Utility Availability Request

2. Select a Contractor

If sanitary sewer is available to your property, you will need to hire a general contractor or plumber to perform sanitary sewer lateral construction activity exterior of the building. 

To obtain the necessary permit(s) and complete the sanitary sewer lateral construction, your contractor must meet the following requirements:

  • For Indianapolis - Contractor must be listed, insured and bonded with the City of Indianapolis.
  • For Westfield - Contractor must be licensed by the State of Indiana or bonded to the utility’s satisfaction.