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Water Meter Connection and Service Line FAQs


The Customer:

  • Maintain the water meter pit, meter pit cover, meter pit ring, meter setting and all related materials including valves and piping.
  • Maintain the full length of the water service line.
    • All leaks outside the right-of-way (on the customer’s property) shall be repaired by a licensed and bonded plumber at the customer’s expense.
    • All leaks in the right-of-way (not on the customer’s property) shall be repaired by Citizens Energy Group (Citizens) at the utility’s expense.
Citizens Energy Group:
  • Maintain, install and remove the water meter and its related remote reading device(s), if applicable.
  • Reinstate or disconnect water service.
  • Provide and conduct leak location services to determine responsibility.
  • Provide and conduct inspection services for all new service taps and service lines.
Bonded Plumber/Contractor:
  • Must maintain an active bond with Citizens Energy Group.
  • Must submit a water service application to apply for a permit to repair, modify or install a new service line at a property.
  • Must schedule an inspection and tap using the contact information provided in your permit.
  • Review the Citizens Water Standards Manual annually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it my responsibility to maintain the pit, when the meter reader is the only one who accesses it?
Is Citizens responsible for the water lines before the water meter?
I am a tenant renting a home, am I responsible for making these repairs?
Why do I need to move my water meter outside to a pit style setting?
Can I make point repairs on the existing basement meter setting?
Who can repair, replace, modify or install a new service line?
What is the approved material for water service line modifications, replacements or installs?
What is considered in compliance with regulations, when it comes to the location of the pit? (i.e. ground level)
Why do I have to replace the pit nut (pit nut rounded) when the reader cannot open the pit? The reader is the one who opens the pit each month?
What size is the meter pit lid?
Can I paint the lid?
Can I plant around the pit?
How many inches below the ground should the connection be?
How much space do I need to have clear around the pit, to be in compliance with free and non-hazardous access?
What is the minimum size of service pipe to be used?
Am I allowed to have a branched service?