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Water Meter Pits and Lids

A property owner is in charge of maintaining his/her water meter pit and all the related materials. Citizens is responsible for maintaining the water meter. This in accordance with Rule 7.1 of Citizens' Terms and Conditions of Water Service, which are approved by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC).

Occasionally a Citizens Meter Reader may notice an issue with a customer’s water meter pit, or related materials, and a notification will be sent to the customer. By reviewing the information on this page, customers can see the types of meter pit lids in Citizens’ distribution system, find a list of potential problems with the lid or materials, and locate contact information for plumbing suppliers who may be able to address the problem. For safety reasons, Citizens asks that a bonded plumber perform maintenance as soon as possible.

Water Meter Pits & Lid Basics

Water Terms and Conditions

Water Installation Standards

Natural Gas Meters

Citizens is responsible for the natural gas meter and the gas line between the meter and the street. The property owner is responsible for the gas lines after the meter. These are generally located inside the home.

Your gas meter should be easily accessible and not blocked or covered by landscaping. Meter readers need to view the dials on the front of the meter each month.

Backflow Prevention

Protecting drinking water is a top priority at Citizens Energy Group. That’s why each year we remind customers to have their backflow devices tested. If you have an irrigation system, you have a backflow device. Having it tested is required by the Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) and regulated by Citizens and our partners. If you don’t have your backflow device tested, contamination from your yard could come through your irrigation system into your home.  

Backflow Prevention FAQs

Report Service Theft

Stealing utility service is a crime. It is also unsafe and may cause serious personal injury to the individual and surrounding neighbors. Furthermore, utility theft increases utility costs for all of us. If you observe someone stealing natural gas, water or wastewater service, please contact us.

At your choosing, you may remain completely anonymous.

Report Service Theft Form

Consumer Advice

Information regarding consumer rights and protection is available through the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) and the Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor (OUCC). 

IURC Website

OUCC Website

Rights and Responsibilities

Citizens Energy Group operates as a Public Charitable Trust and exists to serve customers and the community. Below is important information about your rights and responsibilities as a customer.

Citizens Energy Group

Citizens Westfield