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Account Access

Please provide the information below to manage your account online. For easier access, Register or Login with your username and password.

Only provide a passcode if you have previously created one. If you are unsure if a passcode was created, leave the field blank.

Account Access Tips

  • Your account number is located in large print at the top of your bill.
  • If you have not provided Citizens with your Social Security Number or Tax ID, you will not be able to access account information from this page. Please register your account to login with a username and password.
  • If you have previosly contacted Citizens to create a passcode to protect your account, you must provide it to access your account information. It is not common for customers to have a passcode.
  • By providing an email address we will be able to send email receipts for payments and other changes you might make to your account during this session. This is not required but is encouraged. We do not sell your email address.