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What Citizens does to ensure Pipeline Safety

Safety is Our Top Priority

The Citizens natural gas system and gas pipeline systems throughout the nation are very safe. Here in Indianapolis, we keep our gas system safe in a four primary ways:

  1. Monitoring - Citizens continually monitors pressure on the pipeline system, which allows us to detect potential leaks. For example, if we see a drop in pressure that means there could be a leak.
  2. Aerial inspections - We also conduct weekly aerial surveys of the right of ways for the high pressure gas transmission that feeds the various gas mains throughout Marion County. We have an aircraft fly over the transmission right of way and the pilot is looking for signs of pipeline leaks such as dead vegetation. They also are looking for encroachments by trees, buildings and other structures on the pipeline right of way.
  3. Inspection and Maintenance - We have an ongoing pipeline inspection and maintenance program that exceeds state and federal requirements.
  4. System Investment - Citizens invests millions of dollars each year to upgrade and replace existing pipeline systems. In 2010 alone, the utility will spend more than $17 million on pipeline upgrades and replacements.