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Westfield Permitting FAQs

On March 24, 2014, Citizens acquired the Westfield Water and Sanitary Sewer Collection and Treatment Systems. The permitting process is part of the new requirements for Citizens Westfield. Beginning on March 24, 2014, Citizens will be responsible for approval of the water taps and meter sets, sanitary sewer line laterals, water and sewer main construction and permitting services, and irrigation connections prevously provided by the City of Westfield, Public Works Department.

How do I apply for a Citizens permit for work in Westfield?
How do we obtain a permit in emergency situations?
When can an application be submitted?
What if my plans cannot be submitted electronically?
How long will it take to receive a permit?
What if I need to speak with someone about a Main Construction permit?
What about Irrigation Connections?
After notifying the utility, when will Citizens conduct an inspection of the completed work?
What number should we call if we have questions, concerns, or problems?