Welcome to Citizens Westfield, the water, wastewater (sewer) and gas utility for the Westfield community.

The water system provides safe, reliable drinking water to about 10,000 households and businesses. The wastewater system currently provides sanitary sewer service to about 9,600 customers. The natural gas system provides service to about 3,700 customers in the City of Westfield. Other gas customers in the Westfield area are served by Vectren.

Account Numbers for Water & Wastewater Customers Changing

Once we make these changes in January, we will be reassigning all current water and/or wastewater utility account numbers.  If you are currently a gas customer and we combine your services, you will continue to be assigned your current gas account number for the combined services.

If you choose to make online payments using your bank or other financial institution through their websites, it will be important for you to update your Citizens Westfield account information with your newly assigned account number to prevent payment posting delays.  You will receive the new account number on the newly formatted bill in January.

We are pleased to offer these customer service improvements to Citizens Westfield customers and we encourage you to contact us if you have questions at (317) 924-3311 or toll free at (800) 427-4217. 

Combined Billing Changes

Starting in January, you will receive a newly formatted combined bill for all utility services you are currently receiving from Citizens Westfield. The bill will have a somewhat different format from the current water, wastewater or natural gas bill. We are also implementing new payment options and other improvements to customer service including:

New payment locations offered
Once the newly formatted bills are received in January 2016, customers will be able to pay their Citizens Westfield bill in person at Kroger and Wal-Mart locations in the Westfield and surrounding areas. A transaction fee applies. 

Drop Box Closes Jan. 18
Starting January 18th, Citizens Westfield will no longer accept utility bill payments at the office on 171st Street. The after-hours bill depository at the 171st Street location will also be removed effective January 18th.