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Commercial benefits of Citizens Thermal

Citizens Thermal can manage a variety of existing onsite utility facilities including heating and cooling systems and electrical systems. This service can free industries from both maintenance and operation of facilities. Citizens also will design and then manage onsite energy facilities.

  • Cost-effective - Besides providing cost-effective energy for commercial buildings and industries, Citizens Thermal eliminates capital investments for expensive boilers, chillers and other energy equipment.
  • Free up valuable space - Without large energy equipment needs, you have more space to devote to your particular business.
  • Focus on your mission - Not having to manage and maintain energy systems permits you to focus on your particular business, rather than providing your own energy services.
  • Reliability - Citizens Thermal operates year-round and service interruptions are very rare.
  • Efficiency - District cooling reduces peak electric power demand in the summer, helping your business avoid expensive peak demand charges typical with conventional cooling systems.
  • Environmentally friendly - Not having your own energy facilities reduces the time and expense required to comply with increasingly sophisticated environmental regulations.
  • Stable rates - Although national energy costs often fluctuate, Citizens Thermal keeps its rates relatively stable by using a mix of fuels including coal, coke oven gas, natural gas and fuel oil.
  • Positioned for Growth - Citizens Thermal’s sound business and financial plan is allowing it to continually expand its systems to meet the growing energy needs of the city.