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Supplier FAQs

I have questions about registering or updating my Supplier Profile. Who do I contact?

Please email your questions to purchasing@citizensenergygroup.com and someone will be in touch.


Who do I contact if I have a question about submitting an invoice?

Please email your questions to isupplier@citizensenergygroup.com and someone will be in touch.


What types of goods and services does Citizens buy?

  • Construction Services:
    • Construction Management
    • Underground Construction
    • Above Ground Construction
    • Engineering Design
  • Goods and Services:
    • Health and Safety
    • Environmental
    • Printing and Promotions
    • Staffing and More
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Information Technology
  • And More...


What does Citizens expect from suppliers?

To become a Citizens supplier, a vendor must practice sound business ethics, as well as good environmental and safety management practices.  Because we are dedicated to producing the highest quality products for our customers and consumers, we expect the same from our suppliers.  Our suppliers are committed to Citizens values: quality, integrity, service, results, responsibility, and respect.


What are Citizens standard terms and conditions?

Citizens Standard Terms and Conditions collectively refers to the general and special arrangements, provisions, requirements, rules, specifications, standards, rights, and duties, that form an agreement or contract between Citizens and another party.   Citizens has separate standard terms and conditions to govern contracts for time and material services, professional services, and construction services, respectively.


Where can I learn more about Citizens Supplier Diversity?

To know more about our program, please familiarize yourself with the information in our website and fill out the Supplier Registration Form.


Are Citizens sourcing opportunities posted on the website?

No, they are not.  Citizens sourcing opportunities are by invitation to bid or quote.  Potential suppliers (contractors, service professionals, etc) are placed on a bidders list and are contacted by Citizens if and when needed.


How do I get on Citizens bidder's list to participate in future RFPs?

Prior to each sourcing opportunity, Citizens will review the Supplier Registration data to determine if a fit.  All suppliers considered to be a strong fit will be placed on the internal bidder’s list and suppliers will be contacted.


How are suppliers paid?

Monthly invoices are submitted to Citizens and approved internally prior to Citizens issuing checks.


If I have a question related to a particular invoice, who at Citizens would I contact?

You would contact the Citizens Project Manager or Department Manger with whom you are working.