The Prospect Reuse Vision calls for the following phased development featuring public, commercial and industrial uses.

Proposed Land Uses

Phase I Twin Aire

Our Prospect Vision foresees a mixed use community-sensitive development on the former Twin Aire Drive-In Theatre site located north of Pleasant Run Parkway and the Main Plant Site. We are currently considering a proposal from Rugby Indiana to build a mixed use sports campus on the site.

Phase II

Perimeter Parcels - Commercial and light industrial development will be pursued on perimeter parcels located along Pleasant Run Parkway west of Pleasant Run Creek, and industrial development will be pursued on parcels south of Prospect Street known as the South 40 and the former Salvage Yard.

Phase III

Main Plant Site - Heavier industrial development, with significant potential for job creation, is envisioned for the main plant site and gas supply area.


Frequently Asked Questions - Redevelopment

Q. Will there be enough security at the proposed Twin Aire site?

A. Yes, whatever operator is chosen for the site will need to ensure proper security.

Q. Are there current proposals for the Twin Aire site?

A. Yes, Rugby Indiana is proposing a mixed use community sports campus focusing on youth rugby. Citizens believes this is a solid proposal that meets the needs expressed by the local community. The future of the project will ultimately be determined by Rugby Indiana's ability to raise funds and build community support.

Q. Will Citizens sign a community benefit agreement with neighborhood groups to guide the development of the property?

A. Citizens does not anticipate entering into a community benefit agreement concerning the development of the property. After receiving regular input from the community, final decisions concerning the development of the various parcels will be made by the Citizens Energy Group Board of Directors, which is a non-partisan community based group representing the citizens of Marion County.