Demolition of the gas supply area at the Indianapolis Coke Plant site was completed in August 2012. Current plans call for demolition work to continue through the year 2017. As an exact timetable for future demolition phases is developed, it will be shared with the community.

The safety of residents living near the plant and the safety of workers at the site will again be top priorities when demolition activities resume. Citizens has plans in place to ensure the demolition activities will not adversely impact the local neighborhood and the environment. Citizens will be working with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management to monitor air emissions and other potential environmental impacts during the demolition work.

Frequently Asked Questions - Demolition

Q. What kind of noise will people notice? 

A. Neighbors will notice some noise from various construction equipment. Efforts are being made to minimize noise.

Q. Will there be any street closures? 

A. We do not anticipate any street closures in the current phase of the demolition.

Q. Will there be increased truck traffic as result of the demolition? 

A. Yes. Trucks will be utilized to remove steel, brick and other construction materials from the site.

Q. Will explosives be used? 

A. No explosives will not be used during the current phase

Q. Will there be a lot of dust from the demolition and how will it be controlled?

A. The contractor has implemented a plan to minimize dust at the site.

Q. Where do the bricks and other construction materials go after demolition? 

A. Scrap metal debris from the demolition will be recycled; to the extent that bricks and other debris can be recycled, they will. Debris that cannot be recycled will be managed at a properly permitted landfill.