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Prospect Vision

Prospect Reuse Vision Promotes Community Revitalization

Citizens Energy Group closed its Indianapolis Coke Plant in 2007 due to an inability to compete against lower cost coke suppliers from China where few environmental laws exist. Citizens is committed to demolishing remaining plant buildings and cleaning up the site for appropriate commercial or industrial redevelopment.

Since closing the plant, Citizens has spent more than $4.2 million to demolish various structures on the plant property and about $7.7 million on studies to prepare for environmental remediation of the plant site.

Citizens Energy Group has a long-range Reuse Vision for the former Indianapolis Coke Plant site and nearby parcels intended to promote recreation, neighborhood revitalization and job creation on the southeast side. This Reuse Vision is consistent with Citizens' Vision, Mission and Values stressing unparalleled service excellence, sound financial management, environmental stewardship and long-term benefit for the community.

The Reuse Vision commits Citizens to:

  • Partnerships - We will seek qualified partners who are experts in redevelopment, rather than trying to independently redevelop the property.
  • Demolition - Demolition of the plant will be coordinated with approval of environmental remediation plans by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM). We will communicate with the community prior to demolition.
  • Environmental Remediation - We will continue working collaboratively with IDEM as we remediate environmental impacts on the property to support intended land uses. All remediation plans are open to public review.
  • Community Dialogue - We will seek input from the community as we finalize and implement the Reuse Vision.


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