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In October, 2016, Citizens Energy Group was awarded a $375,000 POWER 2016 grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) to develop a comprehensive Assessment, Reuse and Implementation (ARI) Strategy for the former site of its coke and manufactured gas plant on Prospect Street, now known as Pleasant run Crossing.  Citizens is matching the EDA funds with $375,000, to ensure the completion of a one year study, that kicked off in October 2016, to determine the best future uses of the property. 

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Citizens is focused on redevelopment of its 140 acres, comprised of seven parcels, including the Twin Aire property.  The goal of the ARI Strategy is to complete a market based, financially feasible redevelopment plan for the entire 140 acres.

Under Phase 1 of the EDA process to conclude in June, Cripe Architects and Engineers provided a comprehensive assessment of the area's infrastructure. Meanwhile, AECOM and S.B. Freidman are conducting an assessment of market and socio-economic conditions in the area to conclude in late November, another contractor will conduct a redevelopment, feasibility and economic analysis of the area.

Under Phase 2 of the EDA process to conclude in in late November, another contractor will conduct a redevelopment, feasibility and economic analysis of the area.

On January 31st 2017, Mayor Joe Hogsett announced he has selected Citizens Energy Group’s former coke and manufactured gas plant site on Prospect Street as the location for a consolidated justice center for Marion County. The city’s planning of this campus will not utilize funds from the $375,000 grant Citizens received from the U.S. Economic Development Administration.

Citizens will utilize the EDA grant and its equal matching funds to create a plan to redevelop the Citizens property, including parcels selected by the city for the justice center. Citizens will continue collaborating with the city and community partners in the area, including those involved with the Great Places 2020 initiative. The schedule and scope of the EDA grant remains unchanged.

Reuse Opportunity - Justice Center:

Citizens Energy Group is committed to redeveloping Pleasant Run Crossing and returning it to uses that will create jobs and improve the quality of life in the surrounding neighborhoods. Citizens is currently working with the City of Indianapolis and the Twin Aire Neighborhood Coalition (TANC) to develop a portion of the former plant property for the development of a new consolidated justice center for Marion County. We are also very pleased to be working with the city to ensure the extension of the Pleasant Run Trail through the plant property, thus further enhancing the livability of the neighborhood.

Our support for locating the justice center on our Prospect Street property comes after consulting with various members of the community and neighbors around the site. The justice center will be an attractive campus that will provide a significant number of good paying jobs, while serving as a catalyst for further development in the area. More about the justice center


We expect to complete above ground demolition activities at the site in 2017. Throughout the process we are minimizing noise, dust and other potential disruptions to the neighborhood throughout the demolition process.


We are working with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) and Purdue University to develop environmental remediation plans for the site. Contamination at the site is being carefully monitored in conjunction with IDEM.  The environmental impacts do not pose significant risks to the neighborhood according to the IDEM and the U.S. EPA. As we finalize remediation plans, we are taking steps to address environmental impacts in near surface sediments of Pleasant Run Creek. The plan to locate the justice center on our property will not change our ongoing commitment to address environmental impacts on the site and, in fact, will accelerate cleanup of the site.

Plant History

Until it closed in July 2007, Indianapolis Coke, the Manufacturing Division of Citizens Gas, produced coke, manufactured gas and various chemical by-products for industrial use. Coke is a solid carbon material that is used as a fuel primarily by steel mills and foundries. Indianapolis Coke had been in operation since 1909 and once produced all of the gas used for heating and other purposes in Marion County. Coke oven gas started to be phased out of the gas distribution operation during the 1950s with the introduction of natural gas transported to Indianapolis via interstate pipelines. By 1998 coke oven gas was completely phased out of the gas distribution system.

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