The ProblemCombined sewers overflow into area rivers and streams causing a threat to public health
The SolutionA 28-mile long network of deep rock tunnels being built 250-feet beneath the city
The BenefitsEconomic and quality of life benefits as a result of the DigIndy project
RegulationConsent decree with U.S. EPA

Project Overview

The DigIndy Project is a nearly 28-mile long network of 18 foot diameter deep rock tunnels being built 250-feet beneath the city. Beginning near the Indiana State Fairgrounds on the north, and ending on the south side of Indianapolis, DigIndy will be the largest public works project in the city's history.

Tunnel system will extend along Fall Creek, White River, Pogues Run, Pleasant Run and Bean Creek to create a collective, underground storage and transport facility for wastewater (sewage). All sewage stored and transported in the tunnel system is sewage that otherwise could have gone directly into our waterways. The tunnel system is a component of the federally-mandated plan to reduce raw sewage overflows into our waterways.