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(Left to Right:) Aaron Johnson, Vice President, Corporate Development; Chris Braun, Vice President, Energy Operations; Jodi Whitney, Vice President, Human Resources; John Brehm, Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer; Jeffrey Harrison, Senior Vice President, Engineering and Sustainability; Jean Richcreek, Senior Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer; John Lucas, Vice President, Information Technology; Carey Lykins, President and Chief Executive Officer; Bill Tracy, Senior Vice President, Chief Operations Officer; Blaire Dougherty, Vice President, Controller; LaTona Prentice, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs; Lindsay Lindgren, Vice President, Water Operations; Michael Strohl, Senior Vice President, Customer Relationships and Corporate Affairs; Yvonne Perkins, Vice President, Corporate Communications and Chief Diversity Officer; John Whitaker, Senior Vice President, Chief Legal and Compliance Officer (now retired); Mark Jacob, Vice President, Major Capital; Jennett Hill, Senior Vice President & General Counsel; and (not pictured) Curtis Popp, Vice President, Customer Services.