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Supply and Sources

Citizens water supply comes from several sources, utilizing both surface water and groundwater. Surface water comes from rivers, creeks, streams and reservoirs. Groundwater comes from below the surface. It originates from rain, snow, sleet and hail that has seeped into the ground. This water collects in pockets underground between sand, gravel or pores.

Citizens has four surface water treatment plants: White River, White River North, Fall Creek and T.W. Moses.

Three reservoirs assure a dependable water supply to these treatment plants:

  • Morse Reservoir, near Noblesville, stores water to assure a dependable water supply for White River. Subsequently, it assures proper water supply to the White River and White River North Treatment Plants.
  • Geist Reservoir, in the northeastern portion of Marion County, stores water to assure a dependable water supply for Fall Creek and proper water supply for the Fall Creek Treatment Plant.
  • Eagle Creek Reservoir supplies surface water to the T.W. Moses Treatment Plant.

A number of wells are available to supplement the supplies to the White River, White River North and Fall Creek treatment plants.

Citizens has four groundwater stations that serve smaller portions of our service area: Geist Station, Harding Station, South Wellfield and Ford Road. These groundwater stations treat water pumped from underground water sources called aquifers.