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Citizens Energy Group provides cash rebates toward the purchase of high efficiency natural gas appliances. To be eligible for rebates you must be a Citizens customer with natural gas service and provide proof that eligible products have been installed. 

Citizens Energy Group Rebate Program

Funding for the Citizens Energy Group Rebate Program has been exhausted. No further rebates will be paid at this time. 

Citizens Westfield Rebate Program

The following rebates are available for Citizens Westfield natural gas customers:

Product Residential Business
Programmable Thermostat
  • Furnace control must be primary space heating source
  • Duel-fuel systems not eligible
$20 $20
Smart Wifi Thermostat
  • Thermostat must include the following: Wifi-capable, connect to the internet, feature integrated occupancy sensing capability, and all features offered without additional devices
  • Limit of two programmable thermostats per account
  • Rebate for existing homes only
$100 n/a
Natural Gas Furnace 
  • ≥95% AFUE Residential or ≥92% AFUE Business 
  • Furnace must be primary heating source
  • Duel-fuel systems not eligible
$250 $250
Natural Gas Boiler 
  • ≥90% AFUE
  • Invoice must show boiler cost separate from labor cost
  • Must submit manufacture cut sheets, including combustion efficiency or AFUE rating
$300 $500
Natural Gas Boiler Tune-Up
  • Invoice must show boiler cost separate from labor cost
  • Rebate not to exceed tune-up cost
  • Rebate is available once per 24-month period for each boiler
  • Applicant must submit Boiler Tune-Up Log Sheet with application
  • Boiler must be installed for at least 1 year to be eligible
n/a $200
Tankless Water Heater
  • Energy Factor ≥0.82
  • Dual-fuel systems not eligible
n/a $150
Water Heater
  • 88% Thermal Efficiency
  • ≥75,000 BTUh
  • minimum 75 gallon tank
n/a $150


What you will need to apply:

  1. Your Citizens Account Number found at the top of your bill.
  2. Installing contractor information (if applicable).
  3. A copy of your itemized invoice that contains all equipment and installation information. If self-installing, include a copy of the receipt (a home inspection may be required).



Rebate Program Terms and Conditions