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Combined Billing FAQs

Find answers to your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) here:
Why are you combining my gas, water and sewer bills?
Why has my due date changed?
This due date doesn't work for me.
There is a line on my bill for Non Budget Charges Billed. What are these charges for?
If I am already on Budget Billing for gas, can I go on Budget Billing for water?
I received separate bills for my gas and water services and they are not combined yet. When will they be combined?
Can I make a payment to only one portion of my bill (water or gas)?
I have multiple services that are now combined, how will my bill look?
Once bills are combined, how much will it cost to pay electronically?
I live in the City of Lawrence or the Town of Speedway. Did you combine my water and wastewater (sewer) services into one?
I don't want a combined bill. Can I still get separate bills for my gas and my water/wastewater (sewer) services?
What happens if I cannot pay my bill?
Can my services be in different names?
How do I get my bills electronically?
There is a new item on my bill called "Your Average Daily Utility Costs." How is this calculated?
I only want to pay for a portion of my services through Automatic Bank Deduction. Is this an option?
Where can I pay my bill?
What is the red banner on my bill?