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Industrial Pretreatment Program

To ensure protection of the sanitary sewer system and the two (2) Advanced Wastewater Treatment (AWT) plants in Indianapolis, CWA Authority, Inc. (Authority) regulates the discharge of industrial wastewater into the collection system. The Authority is responsible for the implementation of the federal Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP) in Indianapolis. The following documents provide the legal authority and background for the program. 

To report a spill into the sewer system, please call (317) 924-3311.


Legal Authority and Background

Adobe PDF EPA Approval of CWA Authority Pretreatment Program letter

Adobe PDF Enforcement Response Plan 2017

Adobe PDF Indianapolis NPDES Permit IN0023183 Final 2013

Adobe PDF NPDES modification to CWA Authority IN0028183

Wastewater rates

Adobe PDF CWA Resolution 1-2011

Adobe PDF CWA Resolution 2-2011

Adobe PDF CWA Resolution 3-2011



Adobe PDF Industrial Discharge Permit Application

Adobe PDF Industrial Discharge Survey

Adobe PDF Liquid Waste Hauler Permit Application

Adobe PDF Special Discharge Application

Adobe PDF Emergency Discharge Application


Historic Documents

Adobe PDF CWA Authority Pretreatment Delegation application_26 November 2012 (with Local Limits Evaluation)

Adobe PDF CWA Authority Pretreatment Delegation Request Cover Letter

Adobe PDF Indianapolis NPDES Permit IN0023183 Final 2007

Adobe PDF Local Limits 2012


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