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New Sewer Connection

The information in this section applies to new sewer connections for new homes and buildings. If you are looking for information relating to the Septic Tank Elimination Program (STEP), please visit our STEP page.

To connect to the sanitary sewer system, you will need to hire a licensed and bonded contractor or plumber. The contractor will install a lateral line connecting your home to the sewer. The costs for these services vary by property, but average approximately $2,000 to $5,000.

Before your contractor can connect to the new sewer system, you must first pay a sewer connection fee. Currently, the fee is $2,530 for a single-family residential connection.

Connection fees for commercial and apartment/condominium buildings can be calculated using the Adobe PDF Connection Fee Calculation Worksheet.

The sewer connection fee and any other permitting fees and charges are required to be paid before construction permits are issued. If the connection fee is not included in the contractor's estimate to connect your home to the sanitary sewer, homeowners can pay the connection fee using one of the following methods:

1. Pay in person. Make your payment in person at the Citizens Energy Group, 2020 N. Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46202. If you choose this payment option, you must make arrangements with your contractor when you hire him or her to do the work. Your contractor must have already applied for a permit before you make your payment in person. A permit will not be issued until the connection fee is paid.

Cash, personal checks and money orders are accepted. Checks and money orders must be payable to Citizens Energy Group.

2. Homeowners can have a licensed contractor pay the connection fee at Citizens. Give your contractor a check or money order in a sealed envelope. Enclose your check or money order, made payable to Citizens Energy Group, in a sealed envelope. Your contractor will take your payment to Citizens when obtaining the required lateral connection permit. DO NOT SEND CASH in the envelope. Finally, request a receipt or proof from your contractor showing that you used this method to pay the connection fee.

3. Pay Online. All fees, such as application payments, can be accepted by use of Credit Card or eCheck through the website. These options are available during the online application process. Credit Card payments can only be submitted via email link.

4. Pay by Phone. To make a payment over the phone via check, please call the Business Contact Center at (317) 927-4444.

Sanitary sewer lateral connection permits will not be granted until after the Adobe PDF Connection Fee Calculation Worksheet is completed and submitted for review. Review of this worksheet may result in a delay of one to five business days for the issuance of the sanitary sewer lateral permit. All fees must be paid to Citizens Energy Group prior to issuance of the permit. All other permitting fees and charges still apply.

Once your home is connected to the sewer, you will begin receiving a monthly sewer bill from Citizens.


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