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Citizens Energy Select

Citizens Energy Select is a customer choice program that provides all Citizens Gas' commercial and industrial customers a choice of competing Third Party Suppliers of natural gas. In order to provide a choice of Third Party Suppliers, Citizens is separating its gas service into two main components - Gas Supply and Gas Delivery. With this separation, Citizens is offering a number of separate, new, unbundled services.

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Gas Delivery Service Agreement 

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Citizens Energy Select Phase II

(Per account usage under 50,000 therms annually)

While the Citizens Energy Select program may seem complex at first, the choices it offers can be very simple. The first choice you should consider is the choice of Gas Delivery Services:

Gas Delivery Services

All customers currently receive gas service with two components - Gas Delivery Service and Gas Supply Service. The Gas Delivery component includes the delivery of gas purchased from Citizens, or a Third-Party Supplier, to customers. Depending on their size, type and usage, customers will be able to choose the service that best suits their needs.

CES Phase II - Customers who consume less than 50,000 therms of natural gas annually will use standard Delivery Service. It's a hassle-free delivery service that includes Banking Service and monthly Balancing Service. It's available to all customers using Third-Party Suppliers or Citizens Gas for supply and includes full Balancing Service, which allows for a net monthly Usage Imbalance up to 30% for which Third-Party Suppliers are responsible. Customers not selecting a Third-Party Supplier will automatically receive standard Gas Delivery Service.

Standard Gas Delivery Service:

  • Standard Gas Delivery Service with Citizens Gas Supply Service - Available to all customers and does not have monthly balancing requirements or incur administrative charges.
  • Standard Gas Delivery Service with Third-Party Gas Supply Service - Available to all customers using Third-Party Suppliers and includes full Balancing Service. Meters are read monthly but for an additional charge customers can opt for daily readings using Citizens' Automated Meter Reading service (see Administrative Service A7).

Customer Delivery Classes 

Depending on how customers use natural gas, they can choose one of two customer delivery service classes:

  • D3 - General Non-Heating Delivery - Businesses that use natural gas for processing purposes only.
  • D4 - General Heating Delivery - Businesses that use natural gas for space heating and processing.

Delivery Charges 

Depending on a customer's delivery service class, the following are the two types of delivery charges. For actual delivery charges, see individual delivery class charts or talk to your Citizens Gas Sales Consultant by calling 317-927-4328.

  • Facilities Charges - Monthly charges based on the size or number of meters depending on the chosen delivery service.
  • Delivery Charges - Charges include cost of delivering natural gas but do not include the cost of natural gas itself.

Administrative Service Charges for Third-Party Suppliers 

Citizens Gas provides nine new Administrative Services available to Third-Party Suppliers and customers. Customers who choose Citizens Gas as their Gas Supply service provider are not subject to most Administrative Service Charges.

Customers who choose Third-Party Suppliers may not be directly responsible for Administrative Charges since most are billed to Third-Party Suppliers. However, Third-Party Suppliers may pass Administrative Charges on to their customers. Citizens Gas wants customers to be familiar with each of the Administrative Services so they can better understand the Gas Supply Service they purchase from Third-Party Suppliers.

Supplier Pools: Made up of business customers using less than 50,000 therms annually that purchase Gas Supply Service from a Third-Party Supplier. A Supplier Pool has to exceed a total usage of 100,000 therms annually. Customers choosing to join a Supplier Pool may be subject to the following Administrative Service charges.

  • A1 - Supply Administration Service - Includes administrative support for nominations/confirmations/scheduling of gas supply deliveries, imbalance administration, Banking Service coordination, supplier compliance and contract administration. Applicable to Third-Party Suppliers with Supplier Pools: $500 per month per Supplier Pool; plus $10.00 per month per customer in each Supplier Pool
  • A4 - Non-Performance Charges - Penalties charged to Third-Party Suppliers for Usage Imbalances greater than 30 percent or for any Delivery Imbalance. Non-Performance charges are designed to discourage unreasonably large imbalances. In the event of an OFO, imbalance percentages may be lower and additional charges may apply. The applicable Gas Supply Charges from Rider B, plus $0.15 per therm for volumes exceeding 30% when no OFO has been ordered (different charges apply under an OFO)
  • A7 - Information Services - Usage Information Service: Consists of 24-month summaries of customer usage, provided either to the customer, or to a Third-Party Supplier. Automated Meter Reading Service: Consists of Automated Meter Reading (AMR) device installation, and access to daily meter reads via the Internet. AMR charges are as follows:
    • $18 per customer usage summary
    • $60 per month for each meter transmitting daily readings
  • A8 - Switching Charges - Charges for switching Third-Party Suppliers more than once per calendar year - $55 per switch.