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Payment Options

Citizens Energy Group offers several payment options, including online payments, to meet customer needs and help take the hassle out of paying bills. You can pay your Citizens gas, water and sewer bill and your Indianapolis Power & Light bill at Citizens. You can mail one check and enclose both invoices, or write separate checks to Citizens. You can also drop off your payment(s) at the 24-hour depository at 21st and Meridian Street.

Budget Payment Plan

When you join the Budget Payment Plan, you can pay the same amount each month to help spread out the cost of winter heating. Call (317) 924-3311 to enroll.

Automatic Bank Deduction Plan (ABD)

Your total monthly bill or budget payment is deducted from your checking or savings account on the due date of your bill. Enroll online


You can make a one-time payment from your checking or savings account using EasyPay. Pay online or by calling (317) 924-3310 and following the automated instructions. This service is free to use.

Credit Card Payment

You can pay your bill using Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit cards or debit/ATM cards. Pay online or by calling (317) 924-3310 and following the automated instructions. There is a fee for this service.


Billing Services

Paperless Billing

Sign up and go paperless! Rather than receiving a bill in the mail, Citizens will send you an email each month when your bill is ready to be paid. Enroll online | Paperless Billing FAQs

Flexible Payment Arrangements

If you have difficulty paying your bill, Citizens will work with you to make arrangements. Call (317) 924-3311 to speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives.

Large Print and Braille Billing

Sight-impaired customers may request a large print or Braille bill. Call (317) 924-3311 to start receiving a Large Print or Braille Bill.

Duplicate Notice Protection for Senior Citizens

Citizens will send notification to a third party you designate, if a bill is overdue. The third party would not be responsible for paying the bill, just for reminding you that it is due. Simply give us a call at (317) 924-3311 and let us know you want to sign up for this service.