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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have basic questions about your natural gas bill, your budget or financial assistance programs, this is the place to start looking for answers.

What may cause my gas bill to increase?

There are several factors that will cause your monthly gas bill to fluctuate. These factors include:

  • Your Residence - How large or small is your residence? How well is it insulated? How many natural gas appliances do you have? How old are they? How many live in your residence? All these factors, directly linked to where you live, can cause your bill to increase.
  • Gas Costs - If the weather is colder than normal, the demand for gas will increase causing gas (also referred to as a commodity) prices from our supplier to go up. In that case, you might experience higher than normal gas prices. Natural Gas Rates
  • Citizens does not make a "profit" on the cost of gas. The cost of gas to the Utility from the supplier is passed on to the customer on a dollar-for-dollar basis with no retail markup.
  • Time of the Year - Since most customers heat their home with natural gas, the amount a customer pays in the winter is usually much larger than at other times during the year.

What is the GCA (Gas Cost Adjustment)?

The GCA (Gas Cost Adjustment) is a part of the price you pay for natural gas each month. It is adjusted monthly to reflect the changes in the cost Citizens must pay its suppliers for gas. It reflects the anticipated change in gas costs for the upcoming month plus or minus the difference between projected and actual gas costs from our supplier for the previous quarter. The GCA is applied to the amount of gas used during each billing period.

Why am I charged a fee during the summer when I'm not using gas? What is a facility charge?

The facility charge is designed so that Citizens can recover certain operating costs required to serve a customer regardless of whether gas is used or not by the customer during a particular billing period. These include the costs of service equipment, meter reading, billing, postage, telephone center operation and maintenance of the Marion County pipeline system. Even if your gas is turned off at your appliances, there is a facility charge. It is a flat fee charged each month. For residential heating, the charge is $12.00; for residential non-heating customers, the charge is $9.00.

Where and when can I pay my bill?

  • Login or Register to view and pay your bill online from your checking or savings account or with a credit card.
  • EasyPay: Make a one-time payment from your checking or saving account. Just go to EasyPay Online or call (317) 924-3310 to use our automated EasyPay service to make a payment.
  • Credit Card Payments: We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. Visit Credit Card Payments Online or call (317) 924-3310. An automated service will prompt you to enter your information. There is a $3.95 fee for this service.
  • At our Customer Service Center - 2020 North Meridian Street: Mon-Fri 8 am - 6 pm; Sat 9 am - 1 pm.
  • At ACE Cash Express Stores - for locations see Payment Locations.