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Everyone can benefit from clean waterways. Clean waterways provide us with safe places for water recreation. They also provide safe, clean environments for plants and animals.

However, in order to enjoy clean water, we all must do our part. There are lots of simple and easy ways we can help make a difference in our water quality. Your contribution could be as simple as disconnecting your downspouts from the sewer system and properly disposing of fats, oils and grease. Pouring used oil or other chemicals down a storm drain is always a bad idea! Materials disposed of in this manner end up in our waterways and can potentially contaminate our drinking water supply. For information on the proper way to dispose of hazardous materials, please visit Marion County's Hazardous Waste Disposal website.

To report an environmental emergency affecting one of our water supply sources, please contact the Indiana Department of Environmental Management's 24-hour emergency line at (888) 233-7745. For more information, visit the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) website.


Fats, Oils and Grease

Stormwater Pollution

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